Convert Movie DVD with Forced Subtitle Only Tutorial
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Convert Movie DVD with Forced Subtitle Only Tutorial

Want to rip DVD with only forced subtitle (subtitle when foreign languages are spoken or shown)? This article will show you the technique and know more about movie subtitles.

If you have some French, Italian, Spanish-language DVD movies (Subtitle When Foreign Languages Are Spoken), you probably would like to rip them to a common video yet still retaining its English subtitles, so you can save and watch it on your laptop, tablet and cell phone with better understanding. Well, how to rip a protected DVD and keep the subtitles? This article will give you a simple wizard to achieve the goal.

When ripping a DVD movie, it's wise to rip DVD with forced subtitles contained for a better visual experience. For those who wanna rip DVD movies but like to include forced subtitles, the best way is that back up a DVD with the scene and only foreign language subtitles during the scene. Here, is Pavtube DVDAid (Read the review) is a great choice to preserve only subtitles and lines in foreign language.

Overall, it is a DVD copying and ripping tool that allows users to backup DVD movies to various formats for different needs. The most important is that this app can extract subtitles from DVD. With a "Forced Subtitles" option, it helps users create videos with subtitles for foreign language only when ripping DVD to MKV, AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV, M4V, etc. If you want to rip DVD on Mac with forced subtitles, you can turn to Pavtube DVDAid for Mac.

Rip Movie DVD with Forced Subtitle Only Tutorial

Step 1. Import DVD source.

Click "Load file" button to import the inserted DVD. After few second, it will be imported successfully and you can preview the whole movie in the preview window.

Tip 1: The main title is checked by default and no need to re-select correct Blu-ray main movie. Don’t forget to choose one wanted audio track and subtitles from the drop-down list of "Audio" and "Subtitles" for your output Blu-ray movies.

Tip 2: If you would like to show subtitles only when actors are speaking a different language, Pavtube offers an option called "Forced subtitles" to enable you to do that. Just choose one main subtitle track from Subtitles menu e.g. English and click the "Forced subtitles", you would find subtitles only show when a foreign language is speaking.

2. Choose output format.

Now go to "Format" menu to select output format there. A variety of options are listed such as many portable devices, video editing software, various HD video formats, etc. Choose the one you desired.

Tip: You are also allowed to set up profile parameters under Profile Settings to get better video and audio playback on your portable devices. You can adjust video resolution, video and audio bitrate, frame rate, etc.

Step 4. Start conversion

Click the convert button and start converting DVD with forced subtitles. Once the conversion finished, you can get the ripped video with the forced subtitles as you wanted. And just play your movies anywhere.

Tips: Several Kinds of DVD/Movie Subtitles:

DVD/Movie Subtitles are textual versions of the dialog or scene in DVD film videos displayed at the bottom of the screen, to have viewers understand the spoken dialogue or the signs better.

Soft Subtitle is involved in the actually DVD video, but is independent of the movie video. When ripping a DVD, it's usually titled "Track *".

Hard Subtitle, contrary to soft subtitles, attaches itself into the actual video and would always come along with the video.

Forced Subtitle appears on screen when a foreign/alien language is spoken, or showed in a sign, location, or other text, aiming to explain the meaning but can not be placed in the dubbing. When ripping a DVD, it's directly titled "Forced Subtitle".

Note: Generally, only the foreign dialogues and signs that matter the movie plot are translated in the forced subtitle.

What's More? If you want to deal with multi-track Blu-ray or DVD Movies, here to recommend you to try Pavtube ByteCopy, which is not only capable of helping you to transcode blu-ray/dvd discs to vrious output formats, but also it can transcode Blu-ray/dvd to MKV/MP4/MOV with multiple audio and subtitle tracks. Suppose you are good at both English and Francia, and want to preserve both of them from original Blu-ray/DVD discs when converting, that is what Pavtube ByteCopy can also do for you. And you can select the audio you want when enjoying movies.

Now, you can get the Forced Subtitles while ripping DVD, do not be hesitate to share this article to a friend because it is worth doing.

If you want to get a top DRM-removal tool from Pavtube, just get this money saving boundles: DVDAid($35) + ChewTune($29) = Only $49.9, Save $14.1

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