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27-11-2009 - 22:13:26

#1 anawat  [ 27-11-2009 - 22:13:26 ]

Rumours announced a "High End stuff" pack which "was" coming in February 2010. After this it was called "Modern Loft", as it appears to be called in a French site,

The real name of this stuff pack, the first for The Sims 3 is High-End Loft Stuff.

It will bring sleek, edgy lofts, with a host of new items for the most lived-in rooms of Sims' homes, including slick gadgets for high-tech home office, a next-gen gaming system for the game room, modern furniture for the most contemporary living room. Overhaul Sims' wardrobes with sophisticated, cutting-edge fashions.

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